SALARY : R152 862. – R 180 063. per annum. The successful candidate will be required to
sign a performance agreement.
CENTRE : Eastern Cape Provincial Centre
REQUIREMENTS : Grade 12 or equivalent qualification. Skills and Competencies: Job Knowledge,
Communication skills; Interpersonal relations; Flexibility; Teamwork; Accuracy;
Aptitude of figures; Computer operating skills; Planning and organisation;
Language; Good verbal and written communication; Basic numeracy skills; Ability
to perform routine tasks; Ability to operate office equipment’s
DUTIES : Render financial accounting transactions (Receive invoices; check invoices for
correctness; verification and approval (internal control), Process invoices;
capture payments, Filing of all documents, and Collection of cash. Perform Salary
Administration support services (Receive salary advices, Process advices (e.g.
check advices for correctness, capture salaries, bonuses, salary adjustments,
capture all deductions etc.), File all documents. Perform Bookkeeping support
services (Capture all financial transactions, Clear suspense accounts, Record
debtors and creditors, Process electronic banking transactions, Compile
journals).Render budget support services.