Check Your NSFAS Online Application Status

When you apply online for NSFAS funding your will see serveral staus messages. We explain what they mean.

The closing date for NSFAS 2020 is coming very soon. If you haven’t applied for funding to study at university or college in 2020 then you definitely need to apply now.

There is no need for application forms. All applications are done online via the MyNsfas website student portal.

You will need to get certified copies of your relevant documents and download the Consent Form. Then you will upload the documents to support your application.  

Don’t worry we have full instructions on how to complete the application.

If you have applied already please login to you MsNsfas account to ensure that you have submitted all the necessary documents. If you still have documents that you need to submit you can still do that until the 30th November.

This is what the status messages mean:

1 Application submitted:
Your application have been loaded in the NSFAS system

2 Filtering:
The System checks if you area returning student and if you have previous qualifications

3 Validation:
Nsfas conduct 3rd party cheks with sassa/department of home affairs

4 Evaluation:
They verify all documents u sent during your application

5 Funding Eligibility:
They verify household financial status declared in your application