SALARY : An all-inclusive remuneration package of R805 806 per annum (OSD)
CENTRE : Head Office (Bhisho)
REQUIREMENTS : Degree in Quantity Survey or relevant qualifications. Six years quantity Survey
post-qualification experience required. Compulsory Registration with the South
African Council for Quantity Survey Profession (SACQSP) as a Professional
Quantity Surveyor. A valid Driver’s license. Knowledge and skills: Programme and
Project Management. Quantity Survey Legal and operational compliance. Quantity
Survey operational communication. Process knowledge and skills. Maintenance
skills and knowledge. Mobile equipment operating skills. Research and
development. Computer aided engineering applications. Creating high
performance culture. Technical Consultancy. Professional Judgement
DUTIES : Quality Survey analysis effectiveness: Perform final review and approval or audits
on quality survey procedure, co-ordinate quality survey efforts and integration
across discipline to ensure seamless integration with current technology Maintain
quality survey operational effectiveness: Manage the execution of quantity survey
strategy thorough the provision of appropriate structures, systems and resources,
Set quality survey standards, specifications and service levels according to
organizational objectives to ensure optimum operational availability. Set quality
survey effectiveness according to organizational goals to direct or redirect quantity
survey services for the attainment of organizational objectives. Financial
Management: Ensure the availability and management of funds to meet the MTEF
objectives within the quantity survey environment / services, Manage the
operational capital project portfolio for the operation] to ensure effective resourcing
according to organization needs and objectives, allocate, monitor, control
expenditure according to budget to ensure efficient cash flow management and
Manage the compilation added value of the discipline –related programmes and
projects. Governance: Allocate, monitor and control resources, Compile risk logs
(database) and manage significant risk according to sound risk management
practices and organizational requirements, Provide technical specialist services for
the operation of quality survey related matters to minimize possible risks, Manage
and implement knowledge sharing initiatives in support of individual development
plans, operational requirement and return on investment. People Management:
Manage the development motivation and utilization of human resources for the
discipline to ensure competent knowledge base for the continued success of
quantity y survey according to organizational needs and requirements and Manage
subordinates key performance arrears by setting and monitoring performance
standards and taking action to correct deviations to achieve department objectives.
ENQUIRIES : Ms N. Mtoba at 040 602 4270/ Mr M.D Kwaza at 040-602 4274