City of Johannesburg Internship Programme 2021

Closing date: November 11, 2020
Location: Johannesburg

Section: Communication and Collective Marketing
Branch: Marketing Department
Place of work: 158 Civic Boulevard, Metro Center
Job title: Graphic Designer
Salary Range: R8 329.27 PM (Cost to Company, Base Salary, No Benefits)

This vacancy is open to young people from the Johannesburg community

The Internship Program is an intervention from the City of Johannesburg to meet the growing demand from higher education institutions for students to undergo on-the-job exposure as a prerequisite for obtaining an academic qualification, or as a requirement after obtaining an academic qualification for an experimental training. The city is committed to providing work-based training for students.


Electronic application
A complete CV
Accommodation guide
A certified copy of the ID
Certified copy of the qualification (s)
The most recent portfolio / customizations should be included in the order, as and when required
The City of Johannesburg (CoJ), Department of Marketing and Group Communications has the following training opportunities available for a maximum of eighteen (18) months. Details are as follows:

graphic design
Recruitment requirements:

Matric (NQF4) plus a Certificate or Diploma in Graphic Design or a related field in NQF 6 (subjects that include visual arts may be an advantage);
Must be creative and have knowledge of image processing software;
Latest portfolio / assignments must be included in the order;
Computer skills (MS Office applications);
Experience with Adobe Creative Suite / Adobe Creative Cloud is a bonus;
Should be able to work long hours when necessary;
Open to applicants as young as 35 years old; s
Only Joburg residents will be considered.
Main function: Providing graphic design service and administrative support within the marketing unit of the Group’s Communications and Marketing Department.

Key learning areas: Consult clients and key management stakeholders to define design requirements. Design customer proposals and work with clients to ensure the final product meets their business goals and requirements. Inform clients and advise them on compliance with the corporate corporate identity. Develop innovative illustrations, graphics and designs in a variety of formats for different platforms, and use graphic design tools, including design software. Preparing drafts for review and presentation of final designs for approval by clients.

Leadership Competencies: Work independently and within a multidisciplinary team. Formulate ideas for clients and stakeholders. Attention to detail, patience, and focus. Responsibility and time management.

Core Competencies: Strong computer skills and knowledge of design software. Good interpersonal, communication and presentation skills. Creativity in solving problems. Principles of Batho Pele.

Editor / BA in Journalism / Intern
Recruitment requirements:

Matric (NQF4) plus certificate, diploma or degree in journalism or copywriting at NQF level 6;
Must be creative, detail oriented, and able to write consistently (i.e. good grammar and punctuation skills);
Basic understanding of the inner workings of the newsroom and editorial processes;
Basic understanding of how to benefit from social media, knowing things, communicating with people and setting trends;
Ability to write and translate content into at least three (3) different official languages;
Computer skills (MS Office applications);
Should be able to work long hours when necessary;
Open to applicants as young as 35 years old; s
Only Joburg residents will be considered. Main function: Journalist guarantee / copywriting service and administrative support within the Group Communications and Marketing Department.
Key Learning Areas: Content creation and contribution to content production initiatives for various platforms managed by the department (such as Mahungu Ya Vatirhi, CoJ Messaging, Group SMS, City website, digital displays). Applying grammar rules, correcting “neglected” language, as well as evaluating and criticizing the basic structure of the document. Identify and address plagiarism and copyright infringement.

Core Competencies: Strong literacy skills i.e. well written English, report writing, and correction skills.