, REF.NO: 2018/016
SALARY : R152 862 per annum (Level 5) plus benefits as applicable in the Public Sector
CENTRE : Chief Albert Luthuli Campus
REQUIREMENTS : Grade 12 Certificate or equivalent, with Mathematics; A recognised Welding
Trade Test. A minimum of three years Welding and/or stores experience,
Experience with welding equipment and machinery- MIG, TIG, ARC,
OXY/ACE. Valid driver’s license.
DUTIES : Monitor and control all stock levels as per Campus and Programme
requirements. Maintain optimum stock levels with up-to-date documentation
and proof of control – manually and electronically. Setup items, tools,
equipment, etc. to be clearly visible and safely displayed for issue and stock
take. Ensure availability of required consumables, tools, equipment, materials,
etc. at all times through a thorough Stores issue and return procedure, and a
strict stock control system. Maintain a high level of housekeeping and strict
adherence to Health & Safety policies, procedures and rules in both the stores,
workshops and practical work areas. Effectively conduct all relevant Health
and Safety, First Aid, SHE Representative and tools, equipment and electrical
inspections as well as inductions in the relevant area. Manage the safety and
security of all materials, tools, equipment and buildings in the relevant area by
locking-up, and opening (arming and disarming of security system). Maintain
detailed and accurate records of all requisitions, stock and all other stores and
workshop activities for effective management and control, and for audit
purposes. Ensure all records are accurately and continuously updated and
managed, i.e.: Asset, Equipment, Tools, Materials registers, etc.; Ensure that
all records and documentation is methodically filed for ease of access for
verification and audit purposes. Complete and timeously submit all relevant
administrative records and reports as required as per stipulated time frames.
Communicate required information accurately and qualitatively to supervisors
and all other stakeholders timeously. Maintain a link between stakeholders
such as lecturers, students, suppliers, etc. Conduct stock takes, and order
materials, equipment, tools, PPE’s, boots, consumables, etc. as per identified optimum stock levels in order to maintain adequate stock levels to ensure
adequate availability of all items. Receive deliveries / orders, verify the receipt
of items against requisitions and delivery notes/invoices, and sign-off.
Complete all necessary SCM documentation and file methodically; Distribute
received items to designated shelving space or persons to ensure timeous
utilisation of the items. Issue materials, equipment, tools, PPE’s, Boots,
consumables, etc. as per requirements on requisitions and updating stock
levels both manually and electronically. Issue and return of tools, equipment,
materials and consumables from stock for use by lecturers and students for
the day-to-day running of the workshops. Control all incoming and outgoing
supplies, storage of materials, and manage all scrap materials and recycling
of materials. Prepare materials, tools, equipment and consumables as
required for Welding workshop exercises, tasks and projects. Construct and
dismantle structures, welding jigs, etc. for classwork, and clearing and
recovering materials for re-use. Carry out basic maintenance, inventory and
safety checks of workshop, equipment and machinery, hand tools, portable
electrical equipment, materials, etc. Under the general supervision of the
Welding Lecturer, and in emergency situations (absence of Welding Lecturer)
perform a variety of routine duties as needed, and to support and teach sheet
metal arc welding, MIG, TIG, ARC, OXY/ACE welding and cutting to students.
Maintain workshop, practical teaching areas, and storage areas in a tidy and
safe condition, and ensure compliance by all stakeholders in the relevant
designated area to Health & Safety rules and regulations.
ENQUIRIES : Ms NNF Mdladla at (035) 902 9532